What my clients have to say

"The training can turn my whole day or week around."

"Noah's training program is a mix of the best time you had in P.E., playing at the park with your kids and the discipline of daily gym workouts. Noah's attention to detail helps you make subtle tweaks that can make all the difference. From how to hold an implement, to pointing or flexing toes, and how to breathe, his clear explanations are easy to follow.

The most notable part of Noah's training program is the mental aspect. Noah exudes a positive energy that is contagious. He believes it before you do. And he can help you see what you can do. Yes - he claps, yells words of encouragement and has good taste in music. But most of all, he connects with his athletes. He understands how to get the most out of people with encouragement and respect."

Shannon Conner Former editor AZ Daily Star-Sports Department

"I've met and exceeded my goals with Noah's help."

"I finally found a exercise program that I can stick with. I had tried for years to lose weight with only limited and temporary success. Noah is an expert at what he does. He creates workouts that are fun and achievable. Not only have I met my weight loss goals, I am stronger than I have ever been.

The environment Noah creates makes it easy to want to show up to training sessions. Instead of looking at my training as a means to an end, I now really look forward to our sessions. Noah's support and guidance goes beyond just the the weight training. He has helped me integrate other positive health habits that have made a huge difference. I highly recommend him."

Cammie Dirrim IT Director, Primavera Foundation

"Noah's coaching helps me meet the demands of my busy schedule."

"Noah's coaching is the best, most time efficient fitness program I've ever done. I've been able to stick with his regimen for more than two years now. He has helped me stay healthy even with frequent traveling and long hours of work. 

Every workout is different so the training never gets boring or monotonous. I look forward to each session."

Bill Stiles Attorney, age 70

"Fun and very effective"

"Challenging and fun workouts. I know that Noah is very structured and detailed in his approach but honestly, the training feels like play. I look forward to every session. I've lost weight, gained strength and balance and improved my posture. 

Through his guidance and support I've been able to eliminate the need for my diabetes and blood pressure meds. I cannot recommend him enough."

Jason Nichols Fashion designer