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The Leverage Program

I transform peoples lives


To reverse illness and disease, attain a strong and healthy body and develop a positive inspired mindset, we need only provide the environment to thrive.

The Leverage program harnesses powerful existing tendencies and physiologic forces to achieve radical results. 

Here's how you start The Leverage Program

The 28 Day Health Reset

Leverage is harnessed by working with the hormones of metabolism and hunger.  Macronutrient ratios are optimized causing your body to become leaner and more muscular, without restricting quantity. 

The process proceeds like this: 

- Goal Identification. In our initial meeting we will clearly identify your goals and get a good idea of your starting point. This will include discussing your current eating , lifestyle and exercise habits.

- The Action Plan. A step by step action plan is created which will include nutrition guidelines and lifestyle modifications to support your goals.

The steps of the action plan emphasize achievability and long term relevance. You will feel inspired and motivated as you build momentum through success after success.  

The 28 Day Health Reset is customized for each person. All action plans are based on your goals, existing state of health and self-care habits. 

As the benefits of the program are felt, and a baseline of vitality is experienced, the journey toward full genetic expression and super human vitality is achieved by engaging additional practices.


The Leverage Practices

Optimal Nutrition

By eating nutrient dense, satisfying foods, we rebuild the very structure and functioning of our bodies. Conventional nutritional guidelines are nonsense. Our ancestors were stronger and healthier than modern humans. By eating a spectrum of foods, in the dietary patterns consistent with our evolution, disease is reversed and we regain the vitality that is our natural state.

Mindset and Breathwork

Psychological wellbeing and physical wellbeing go hand in hand. Our mindset is within our control. With the application of simple time tested practices, we can repattern our thought processes to a baseline of contentment and inspiration. The main neurotransmitters of dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin and cortisol can be altered through breathwork and other practices.


Functional movements in a science based, proven model. Every program is personalized. No long, grueling training sessions. Two or three half-hour session a week can yield big results. You'll get stronger and feel great. Other benefits include: decreased inflammation, improved circulation, stronger immunity, healthier skin and hair, increased testosterone, increased energy and greater sense of well-being.

Origins and Benefits

The Leverage Practices are powerful, time efficient habits and practices that will increase your health, vitality and happiness. These practices are drawn from diverse fields of inquiry including biochemistry, psychology, neuroscience, and anthropology. They represent the best approaches for longevity, protection from disease and improved quality of life. 


  1. Increase energy and sense of wellbeing
  2. Reduce inflammation and reverse autoimmunity
  3. Build metabolic flexibility and efficiency-fat loss
  4. Improve mood, clarity and focus
  5. Increase HGH production and improve healing capacity
  6. Decrease hormones associated with chronic stress
  7. Fat loss

The comprehensive program includes an in-person goal setting, health baseline assessment consultation, a twice a week custom training program in my private gym, personalized nutrition plan, habit integration coaching, unlimited text or email support throughout the 28 days and an in-person program wrap-up.

Cost: The Full 28 Day Health Reset Plan is $599

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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What can I expect to gain: Health improvement in all measures- Body composition, energy level, stress management, mental clarity, mood, athletic performance, and immune function.

Cost: The 28 Day Health Reset is $599. On-going health and fitness coaching packages avail.

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